The Business Success Bootcamp
1-Day Training Event:
Discover The Key Strategies And Tactics Behind The Best Run Businesses…
(That Result In The Perfect Business/Life Balance!)
Friday 29th March 2019
Jurys Inn, Middlesbrough, 
TS10 1JH
Hi, I’m
Gemma Sharples.
Do you actually feel like a Business Owner?
(Even if you don’t admit this to anyone, but secretly think it…)

Do you actually feel like an employee in your own business, whose run ragged 24/7, having to micro-manage everyone, all while never seeing the supposed “benefits” of owning a business? 

If that sounds even the slightest bit familiar, stay put.

Keep reading…  
Because I felt the exact same thing until I made
powerful changes that transformed
I was brought up around business… My Mum owned one growing up.

But all I ever saw her get from the hard work and effort she put into running it was…Exhaustion. She couldn’t even muster the energy to be a “Mum” when she was at home, it was that bad. Yet, weirdly, I wasn’t deterred...
I started my first business as a kid with a caterpillar club (I’d charge kids in my neighborhood money or sweets to hold them - I know genius) and fast forward to now I’m the director of 6 companies, have a property portfolio of over £4M and  12 years teaching experience. I’ve always had the business bug. But my journey hasn’t always been easy… Far from it! My lowest point, was when I got ripped off VERY badly by my “business partner” in [2013.] I nearly lost everything. For a while I was one bill away from bankruptcy. It still makes me shudder just thinking about it...

I got back on my feet, and undeterred I opened up another business, and it seemed like I had hit my stride again because it grew...And grew and grew.

It got to the point where I needed to employ staff, but 2 things were wrong.

I still felt burnt by my ex “business partner.” I struggled not to be looking over everyone’s shoulder, not to micromanage and had a real problem putting trust in my employees to do their job without ripping me off. 

As a result of that, things just weren’t getting done correctly, so I ended up doing everything myself. 

So yes the Business was growing, but not in the direction I wanted it to. 
I had turned into my Mum. Something I promised myself I would never allow to happen. I was exhausted, always running on empty, and had no time for anyone or anything else other than my business.

That’s what sparked the change that transformed me into a business OWNER not an employee in my own business… I stepped IN and introduced accountability, personal growth, focus, and a specific direction for every one of my team. I systemised my business, which then allowed me to step OUT from the “factory floor” so to speak and away from the front line. I created more time for myself because I was no longer micromanaging, I was overseeing. Soon after that? I could step AWAY from my business entirely. Weeks would go by without me ever going into the office and when I did? I could do the things I actually enjoyed, for me personally that’s always been the creative stuff.
I had done it, I was finally a business owner who was getting ALL the benefits I’d signed up for in the first place:
More money
More time
More freedom
More choices
Now, I want to help you do the same… That’s why:
You Are Personally Invited To My
1-Day Training Event…
That will change your entire perspective on how you run your Business for the BETTER.
In the 1 day of FULL comprehensive training you will discover, learn and master all of this:
  • What your #1 threat in business is and the reason 8/10 businesses go bust in the first 5 years (and how to protect yourself from it.)
  •  How to increase profits AND leave your clients even more satisfied at the same time.
  •  How to prevent “wastage” in your business.
  •  How to increase productivity by 400%.
  •  How to set clear targets for your business and your staff.
  •  How to get the best from your staff.
  • How to avoid the trap of the law of diminishing returns.
  •  How to step back from your business and create more time and freedom.
  •  Why 90% of business owners are focusing on the wrong thing.
  •  The importance of effective marketing and why most business owners get this wrong.
  •  How to increase sales in a few simple steps.
  •  And much MORE strategy, knowledge and eye-opening information! 
    Who’ll Get The Most
    Out Of The 1-Day Training
    The answer to that is simple: Anyone who wants to FINALLY see all the benefits they got into business for in the first place.
    Ask yourself, why did you get into business?
    I can assure you…
    • It wasn’t to work your butt off for little reward like everyone in the 9-5 does.
    • It wasn’t to be chained to a desk.
    • It wasn’t to feel obliged to go in even when you didn’t want to. Was it?
    So, are you experiencing any of those things currently?   If you are... This training is for YOU.  If you want to create freedom through business, this is for you. If you want to be able to take your kid to the zoo, or your wife/husband out for dinner, without your phone going off every second this is for you.

    If you want to oversee a successful business, not work all the hours under the sun, trying to make one, this is for you. If you want to run your business, like the best do, this is for you.

    Where And When Is
    The 1-Day Training Being Held?
    Friday 29th March 2019
    Jurys Inn, Middlesbrough
     easily accessible for everyone by road, rail or runway!
    Where And When Is
    The 1-Day Training Being Held?
    Friday 29th March 2019
    Jury Inn, Middlesbrough
    Easily accessible for everyone by road, rail or runway!
    How Much Does A Life-Changing,
    Business Breakthrough, Training Cost?

    Do not take this lightly, when I say this 1-day training will completely open your eyes to a new, better way to run your business. It won’t just benefit you.  It’ll benefit your work/life balance, your overall success, your employees, your family, your friends, basically your entire life.
    Everyone around you will be so THANKFUL you came on my training.

    Trust me.  It will be so valuable...  But, I’m not going to charge you full value for it…

    In fact, you could get the whole 1 days training for FREE if you act fast!
    We’ve secured funding for the event, and we’re determined to pass on the full discount as much as possible…
    Which means the training will be 100% FREE for the first 50 people that sign up!

    But, if you’re not one of those 50 lucky people, do not worry, we are still able to charge an insanely decent price for the amount of value you’re getting…
    What People Are Saying
    About Me And My Methods...
    “I have recently set up a second company, with support from Gemma. I have fast-tracked possibly 5 years by following her set process. I would advise anyone getting into business to work with Gemma to speed up your results and cut out the wastage of time.”
    -M Worrallo
    I have developed my business to over 1000 clients on monthly subscriptions in little over 6 months. I’ve been featured on Good Morning Britain, local news channels plus I’ve been featured numerous times in the local papers. These techniques have been taught to me”
    -J Watson
    “I set up my first business and wasn’t sure where to start or if I was doing the right thing or not. With Gemma’s guidance, I was able to plan things and get the business up and running in no time and start making profit.”
    Limited Seats, Lots Of Interest!
    I want to be 100% honest with you, I’ve already posted about this training in my Facebook Group…

    And there was A LOT of interest.

    People were desperate for the details.

    So if you want to be there, you better act fast and reserve your place!

    The venue only holds 70 people.

    Make sure you’re 1 of them!
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